About Soyalux Candles


Soyalux Candles are all-soy candles that feature elegant design and packaging.  The fragrances used in our candles are tested for their high potency and customer appeal.  We use only cotton/paper wicks designed especially for soy candles.
            Based on Iowa State University research, soy candles burn longer and cleaner than traditional paraffin candles. They also burn without emitting toxins into the air. Once you experience the fine qualities of a Soyalux Candle, you will know you have chosen the best. 
            Soy wax is made from American grown soybeans. The wax is made from the oil of the soybean, making it renewable, plant-based and a product produced entirely domestically. 
            Soyalux Candles are available nationwide at select retailers.  Please e-mail candles@soyalux.com to find a local retailer. The entire line of Soyalux Candles is available at their flagship boutique, The Nest Boutique, in Nevada, Iowa. Buy Soyalux Candles online at www.soyalux.etsy.com, or call (515) 669-9073 to order. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover or payment can be made via PayPal